Future Project Site


Columbia Pulp, LLC is planning to develop and build a 140,000 ton per year pulp mill on a 449 acre site near the Lyons Ferry Bridge in Columbia County, Washington. The site is located in the heart of one of the densest wheat farming regions in North America.

The Challenge

Farmers in eastern Washington pay millions of dollars annually for the right to burn straw, an excess by-product from wheat farming, resulting in thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions. An obvious, low-cost raw material, wheat straw has eluded commercialization by the North American paper industry due to limitations of existing pulping technologies.  Meanwhile, large organizations, including many consumer paper and packaged goods companies, are seeking ways to reduce the environmental impact of their supply chains.  Columbia Pulp has a plan to connect the dots.

The Opportunity

Columbia Pulp will build and operate a facility in eastern Washington using innovative technologies to profitably convert straw into three product streams. The pulping process has been proven and uses less chemicals, energy, and water than conventional pulping. Most notably, the process is conducted at atmospheric conditions and is “gentler” on the raw material resulting in a significant competitive advantage in terms of cost, product quality and environmental impact. In addition, the process produces high quality pulp and creates valuable byproducts in the form of sugars and lignin.

The Solution

Columbia Pulp’s innovative business model and licensed proprietary technology converts residual straw from a costly waste stream into useful products – ultimately providing competitive, environmentally leading supply chain solutions for our customers.  Environmentally, the Company eliminates thousands of tons of air emissions and petrochemical demand.